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Magma Platform Laser

A fully customizable powerhouse.

Opulent Aesthetics

What is the Magma Platform Laser?

A fully customizable powerhouse, the MAGMA Platform is the next generation of medical aesthetic devices. The multifunctional combination of 808nm Diode Laser, 1064nm Nd:YAG and IPL technologies provides a single system solution for all of the most common light-based therapies and empowers professional practitioners with a versatile range of treatments and synergetic treatment protocols.

How does it work?

The full power of the MAGMA Platform is not only in the combination of these 3 technologies, but each individual technology features major advantages when compared to competitors:

The 808nm Diode Laser: Featured in the ALD and LLD Applicators, it is one of the fastest hair removal systems and the optimal choice for high-volume Hair Removal, offering fast, effective and painless treatments with a maximum coverage area of up to 18 cm² per second.

The 1064nm Nd:YAG: Long lifespan, averaging at 6 times the number of pulses, as compared with a regular nd:yag applicator. Forma-tk's Nd:YAG Applicator is equipped with 3 interchangeable tips, an advanced cooling system and a diode pointer for optimal accuracy and reduced discomfort.

The IPL Applicators: Featuring the highest pulse density in the world (22J/cm² in 5ms), Forma-tk’s IPL Applicators offer a wide array of treatment solutions and a new standard for treatment efficiency, reduced discomfort and excellent results. They also allow practitioners to customize their ‘Applicator Menu’ based on the most common treatments performed in their clinic.

What is it used for?

Hair Removal
Vascular Lesions
Pigmented Lesions
Skin Whitening
Nail Fungus.

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